2015 MSCA Business Expo

***Monte Sano Business Expo***
MSCA Fall General Membership Meeting & Potluck Supper

If you’re interested in doing business on the Mountain, or just want to connect with folks who live here, join us at the Annual MSCA Business Expo to be held in conjunction with the Fall General Membership Meeting and Potluck Supper on Tuesday, October 13, 2015 at the Monte Sano State Park Lodge.   For a fee of $25, MSCA will provide a table for your display in the Park Lodge lobby so you can introduce (or reintroduce) yourselves to our membership.  Booths will be open at 5:30 pm, supper will be served at 6:30, and the program and speaker will begin at 7:15.  Mail a check and completed form to the address shown.  (Link to form)  If you have any questions, feel free to e-mail Dennis Madsen (msca.vicepresident@montesano.org).  We look forward to seeing you there!


Huntsville Utilities Tree Trimming

Huntsville Utilities will be sending a letter to every mountain resident affected by the pending tree trimming.  These letters will have a time, date & location for the resident to meet and talk with a HSV Utilities Representative about the trimming on their property.  The timetable for the letters has not been set.  But all meetings will be conducted before the trimming starts sometime this winter.

UPDATE: I received a call from Huntsville Utilities with an update to the tree trimming on the mountain. They are currently trimming on Monte Sano Blvd & Nolen as of this morning and will continue on into the state park. This trimming is for a different substation than the majority of the mountain. These affected residents were notified by letter and the public meeting was held last April.

Gold Wing Parade


The Gold Wing Road Riders Grand Parade event will take place on Saturday, September 5th. Staging for the parade will begin at 7:00am on Heart of Huntsville, behind the Von Braun Center, and departing at 8:30am. The parade is usually made up of 500-700 motorcycles; a copy of the route is attached. The riders will be paced and escorted by the Huntsville Police Department. The CVB suggests that “residents are encouraged to come out watch, wave and say “hello”; the group would like nothing more. The parade is truly a sight to behold and I hope that the riders will be equally impressed with the view Monte Sano offers. – link

John Blue Development Meeting UPDATE


For those who missed the meeting tonight, or those who’d like another look, attached is the revised concept that the developer, John Blue, presented to attendees at the Monte Sano United Methodist Church tonight. There were roughly 80 people in attendance, and after a brief presentation, Q&A ran for well over an hour. Some of these included:

What zoning are you asking for? PUD, or Planned Unit Development, which will allow for a mix of housing and use types on the lot.

What is your timeline? The developer still needs to conduct some site engineering studies, so they don’t anticipate going before Planning Commission (the official body that would approve or reject the plan) until this Fall, at the earliest. Pending approval, construction would likely not start until the middle of next year.

How will residents find out about the Planning Commission meeting? The City mandates that all property owners within 500′ be notified two weeks prior by certified mail. In addition the Civic Association will inform residents as well, in terms of time/date of the hearing. There was some concern from residents that the meeting be communicated as widely as possible. MSCA has used Facebook, the MSCA newsletter, and e-mail to try to get the word out but, recognizing that not everyone is on-line, would appreciate any additional suggestions or avenues.

How big are the lots? There are eight smaller lot sites (in the orange on the plan) that are roughly 60′x60′. The rest of the sites are 70′ frontage by 150′ depth; a few are slightly smaller, some are slightly larger. In general, the larger ones are about 12,000 square feet each.

How much would the lots cost? There was some SWAG on this, because there is still a good bit of civil engineering work that needs to occur, but preliminary estimates are $60-80K for the small lots, and $150K for the large. Keep in mind, these are estimates for the LOTS only, and they do not include the cost of the house that might be built on any given site.

How will you keep it from looking cookie-cutter? Similar to the approach in Lendon and on the Ledges (and as has been done in other communities like Providence), a pattern book is used to dictate materials and details, but the house plans themselves can vary based on the individual lot owner’s needs.

What about the piece fronting Monte Sano Boulevard (on the left of the attached image)? There was a good bit of debate about this. The majority in attendance were not in favor of a commercial (general store-type) use on the site, though there were a few who strongly disagreed. The worries ranged from impact on immediate neighbors to viability in a smaller community. No consensus was reached, and we don’t want to speak for the developer, but it appeared as though they might have resigned themselves to NOT including a commercial parcel. MSCA will attempt to confirm the developer’s intent after they’ve had time to digest the community input. There had been discussion about conducting a community-wide survey, but there was again concern that not everyone would be reached.

Why do you want to do this? The developer felt like there would be a market for smaller-lot homes on the mountain. In some cases for young families who might not be ready for a larger home. In other cases, for older residents who wanted to stay on the Mountain, but wanted to downsize out of a larger home.

There was a lot of disagreement on this point (and several others), but in the end the discussion was respectful and reflected well (I thought) on the community. We didn’t capture all the questions here – it went on for well over an hour – but feel free to ask in the comments, if you’d like additional information.

2015 – 2016 Monte Sano Supper Club


The Monte Sano Supper Club is approaching its 17th year! Founded in 1999, the Club’s purpose is to foster friendships on the mountain. Each month, participants will have dinner with a different group of people in a small setting so as to be able to better get to know each other. Dinners are usually held in member’s homes, with the host/hostess deciding on whether to make the entire dinner themselves or ask each guest to bring a dish to share. (The latter is the most popular choice.) Each couple/household usually hosts two times per year.

  • Supper Club dinners are scheduled for the second Saturday of each month, but if needed each small group is totally free to change the date and time to better suit their schedules or enjoy a lunch or brunch.
  • On the second Saturday of each the summer months of June, July and August the Club members in town meet at the pool for a potluck dinner. Anyone interested in attending these supper potlucks is most welcome. Just show up at the pool at 6:00 p.m., bring a dish to share and beverage. Paper plates, napkins, utensils, cups and ice are provided by the Club.
  • The last potluck gathering for this season will be on August 8, 2015.
  • Please note that if the weather is bad or looks “iffy”, call Carol Edwards (256-489-5243) first to be sure the location hasn’t been changed.
  • Sign-ups for the 2015 – 2016 will begin mid-July just watch for signs. If there are questions, feel free to call or email Carol.

The Monte Sano Supper Club is an excellent way to stay connected with old friends and to meet new ones. Come join the fun… we’d love to have you!

Development Meeting Update

The plan presented last night was to have a mix of larger homes along with smaller homes facing inward towards a shared green space (29 lots total). Current zoning is for 14 lots, approx. 1/2 acre in size. Another possibility (not set in stone) of the plan will also include a small country store on the blvd.  We should have an updated plan with images next week.


MS Blvd Development Open House

Development Open House – Tuesday, July 21 – 6:00 p.m. to 7:30 p.m.
Monte Sano Baptist Church

As many residents might have noticed, the 7+acre property on Monte Sano Blvd. (in between the Baptist Church and Mae Ave.) was recently sold. The new owners of the property are local developers who are interested in creating a new residential street. They have reached out to the Boards of both the Monte Sano Civic Association (MSCA) and Monte Sano Village (MSV) to gauge interest in what sort of development might be most appropriate to, and most supportive of, the community. In order to give all the residents of Monte Sano an opportunity to review the ideas and share their thoughts, MSCA and MSV have scheduled an open house with the developer. Any and all Monte Sano residents are welcome to attend, and Monte Sano Baptist Church has graciously agreed to host the event. The developer will be on hand to talk about a few ideas for new single-family development, to share some proposed plans and images, and to answer any questions. In the event you are unable to attend but have questions about the project, please feel free to contact MSCA or MSV, and we will attempt to get answers to you as quickly as possible.

2015 Monte Sano Community Yard Sale

May 9th – 8:00am – Noon (7:00am setup)
The Annual Monte Sano Community Yard Sale will be held at the Monte Sano Elementary School. We are going to try it in a central location this year to maximize buyer traffic. Participation at the school is voluntary, so have it at your home if you prefer. The MSCA will be advertising the yard sale in the HSV times, Facebook, and the web. Please email us at and let us know if you want to join us at the school. Bring your own tables. The PTA will have a very limited number of tables to rent for a $5 donation, first come, first served. We will have a membership table and 2015-2016 directories for distribution. Cottage Crepes food truck will be there. Christmas Charities Year Round will have a donation truck after 12noon. The Solid Waste Disposal Authority will also be there with a truck and accept Paint and Computers for recycling. No other items will be accepted at that time. Come join us!