Monte Sano Community Garden

The mission of the Monte Sano Community Garden is to provide space for the Monte Sano community to garden together, creating a place where we can teach and inspire one another in ways of organic gardening.

As we strengthen community bonds, the garden will allow us to find ways to add to the varieties of food we offer our families and help us to become more self-sufficient. We will strive to work to enhance the beauty of our lovely mountain and to cultivate a space where we can gather with our friends and families to foster environmental stewardship, rejuvenation, and recreation through the joys of gardening. Phase One of the garden will consist of 24 individual raised-bed plots for rent on an annual basis. Phase Two of the garden will consist of a charity garden tended by volunteers for donation.

The MSCG will provide:

• Raised bed garden plots (4×4 or 4×8) filled with excellent soil
• A sunny location with a deer fence, access to water, compost, and a storage bin with shared tools
• Plus the opportunity to meet and learn from fellow gardeners

Gardeners will provide:
• Seeds, plants, personal gardening tools, and soil amendments
• Enthusiasm and eagerness to learn and share gardening knowledge

Annual Garden plots are available:
Small Plot: 4’x 4’ – $15
Large Plot: 4’ x 8’ – $30

If you don’t want to garden yourself but want to support and be involved with the garden then become a friend of the garden. Friend of the Garden – $15

24 raised beds, expansion planned, fenced, water barrels on site, small shed on site, community use herb garden on site, compost pile, picnic tables planned on site.
running water available next door from donor to fill barrels.

Monte Sano Boulevard, Huntsville, AL 35801 United States
Karen McLean
Host Organization
Residents and Friends of Monte Sano
672 Square Feet
Total Plots
Year Founded