Community Watch

Tips from Community Watch

Please be careful when taking your evening walks. Wear something reflective and carry a flashlight. Approaching cars cannot see you. Keep your car locked if it is in your driveway; an unlocked car makes an easy target. If you are out of town, ask your neighbor to “change things up” at your house. Move a car to the driveway, change the lights, don’t let the newspapers pile up, leave out a watering hose. Make it look like there is some activity.

We have had a quiet stretch, but in the past, most home burglaries happen during work hours. You might consider leaving a radio on — anything to make your house appear a bit riskier prospect. We have many volunteers who drive the streets looking out for us, but we could use more. If you’d like to help about an hour or so a month – let us know.

Peggy Sammon, Community Watch