Welcome to montesano.org. This website is a community webpage meant to serve as a kind of bulletin board for residents and others interested in things related to Monte Sano here in Huntsville, AL.  This page is produced and edited by volunteer webmasters, financially supported by the Monte Sano Civic Association, Monte Sano Club, Monte Sano Village, The Little Green Store and Burritt on the Mountain.

If you would like to submit a posting, simply email web@montesano.org. It should include your name and a telephone number for our information then your posting stating exactly what you would like to say so that we can simply cut and paste the article and put it on the website. You may also include pictures, flyers, etc. Be sure to include how you would like folks to contact you in your article. As always, postings are free, including items for sale, pictures, links to resident’s webpages, real estate for sale or rent, lost pets or items and anything else related to Monte Sano.