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Dear Monte Sano Residents & Friends,

Your Monte Sano Civic Association has been working hard to stay up to date on the latest activities on the mountain.

First and foremost, for those not aware as well as guidance for those who are, over the past several weeks there has been several car and home break ins on the mountain. In some cases, items have been found strewn on streets or in people’s driveways and returned while others have not been so fortunate. The MSCA has been, and remains, in contact with the Huntsville Police Department regarding any further guidance or updates.

Their guidance was to be extra observant in our neighborhood of any suspicious activity and do not hesitate to call the non-emergency HPD number to notify them. That number is 256-722-7100. You are also encouraged to call and file a report should you be the victim of one of these break ins.

A quick note or email to msca.communications@montesano.org so we can keep track of any other events would be helpful, including those whom have already had incidents occur and their outcomes.

We would also encourage you to reach out to the Monte Sano Community Watch, currently headed up by Peggy Sammon at communitywatch@montesano.org. Volunteers are always welcome.

As to other MSCA business,
The spring potluck has been scheduled for April 11th with our Park Ranger, Brian Moore, being the featured speaker. Look for details in your upcoming newsletter.

The spring membership drive is underway. If you received an email on Friday, March 3rd, your memberships expired on December 31, 2016. Please go to www.montesano.org/msca/membership/ for information on renewals.

Lastly, this is a directory year for the MSCA. The goal is to have the directory ready for distribution by June 1st. If you have new neighbors or your information has changed from the last directory, do not hesitate to email msca.membership@montesano.org with updates.

Directory ads are due to msca.directory@montesano.org by April 15th. For more information, contact Mike Maples at 256-534-0931.

Once again, the Board considers it a privilege to be working for you this year and there is a lot of information in this email. We encourage you to regularly check the www.montesano.org and www.montesano.org/msca/ webpages as well as the Association on Facebook at www.facebook.com/MonteSanoCivicAssociation/. The Board tries to be judicious in the use of direct emails so as to respect people’s management of their email but in such cases as the burglaries it was considered appropriate.

Please feel free to contact the Board at any time at msca.board@montesano.org.

MSCA Board

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Nature’s Design Landscape
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Steve Cook 251-609-0951
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